Why Yes, I Have An Archenemy

Round Merlin

Hello. It is I, Merlin, the Handsomest Cat In The World. This is the Roomba box. It seems to have been created especially for cats and it gets my 100% stamp of approval.

What I can’t understand is the machine that came inside the box. It seems to be some sort of replacement robot pet: it runs about on the floor like Mo chasing a laser pointer. The first time they let it out to play, I wanted to keep an eye on it, but at a safe distance – and yet it came right for me! I had to run back and forth across the room. Completely shot my dignity to pieces. I must have looked a right fool.

It doesn’t seem dangerous, and Mo and Meggie get along with it OK. I wouldn’t want to look like an old bigot, so I pretend I’m cool with it, too. But that Roomba had better watch out if nobody else is watching.

Gotta go plot. Over and out.

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