Sugar Beet Harvest

I am deeply attracted to photographs of daily life and of the mundane made interesting. Part of this comes from being stuck at home for large parts of the last year and a half restricted to the sphere of home and views out the window; part of it stems from the belief that public items of interest have been photographed millions of times by better photographers than I. (When we visited NYC, my wife was rather irritated that my photos were all of ducklings. In my defense, they were ducklings.)

The field across the road from the front of our house is not often interesting. Mostly the crops grow, quiet and steady; in winter the field lies fallow or is planted with winter wheat. The field needs an added element to be rendered worth photographing, whether it’s a simple influence like weather or a more complex form of interference such as planting or harvest.

In this photograph, I specifically enjoy the colors of the tractor being reflected in the autumn asparagus field and the sugar beets not yet harvested. And I appreciate this tractor from the 70s gracing my photo with its well-kept quirkiness – look at that front loading bed!

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