Mo’s Comforting

Mo' Comfort

Oh, you guys. Mo missed me!

She stared a lot when I came home yesterday, while the other two were immediately affectionate – Merlin climbed into my lap straightaway, while Meg checked out the crutches and rubbed on my fingers. Not until I was lying down and the others had settled down elsewhere did Mo approach me. She sniffed every inch of my face carefully, gave my hand a few licks, and then tucked herself into my arm for petting and purring.

She’s never done that before, and she’s not been a lap cat either, but she sat on the end of the couch this morning and stared at me until I made space for her. It was so funny to watch her try to figure out how to put herself in the lap – she stepped tentatively first with one paw, then with two, and finally I told her, “Mo, you’re a cat. You just take the space you need,” and she curled up cozily.

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