Mo’ Tail

The Tail

It occurred to me just now that I switched the header picture out a while back, but didn’t have a version of it posted! So here, in all its glory, is Mo’s Tail (and it’s only gotten fluffier since then).

When we visited my parents, Mom kept asking me just how fluffy Mo’s tail is. They have a long-haired cat – you’ve seen Fuzz – is her tail fluffier than that? Yes, about eight times as fluffy. Then we visited Jeff – you’ve seen Jeff – is her tail fluffier than that? Yes, about four times as fluffy. Seriously, if you look at Mo from the back, her tail is as wide as the rest of her. If not wider.

Her tail hairs are five to six inches long. You could make wigs out of this stuff. (Maybe not for people allergic to cats.)

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