Mo’ of the Same, but a Little Less Mo

Hello again! I realized after my last post (with all the vertical photos I could never get to nicely fit on the front page scheme) that it was time for a break and a change. Now I’m back – with a bit of a difference.

What was my goal with a Mo blog? To elicit a big fat “Awwww!” from each and every one of you.

And what happened? I rediscovered how much fun I have taking photos – not just snapshots, but trying to get nice lighting, good colors, and good composition. But I was letting some of that slide in trying to post a photo per day. And the lovely Andie gave me a nice camera for Christmas, so I have a more sophisticated tool to help.

So the blog has had a facelift, and from here on out you’ll be seeing fewer photos, buut ones I’m more proud of – with the occasional non-Mo photo, like this one!

the texture of a cherry leaf

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