Mo & Meg’s First Christmas: Santa Comes a Little Early


Our floor-to-ceiling cat tree snapped off below the top platform when we moved it to put the Christmas tree up. Yikes! But the new one came today. Sixty pounds of cat tree for us to haul upstairs.

Once we’d recovered from that, the fun began.

First there was a big box, which was exciting enough right there.
Santa brought a box!

Then the remnants of the old cat tree got moved to the bedroom next to the wardrobe, enabling top-of-wardrobe kitty access. Also very exciting, even if I had to wake Mo from her nap and carry her in to see it.

And then we started putting it together. Mo found her favorite part right away.
Little House

But as it happens, Meg and Merlin are huge fans too.

At which point we tossed them all out on the balcony so we could finish before Christmas Eve rolls around.

Once it was done, Merlin claimed the high spot right away.

And Meggie found the bird toy.

And Mo found the cardboard box that it came in again, with the Roomba box inside!

And everybody was happy.
Soooo happy

To finish up we added a long string of jingle bells.
Jingle Bells

Currently, everyone is peacefully sleeping in the tree. The bells are chiming gently as Mo moves in her sleep while I drink eggnog and enjoy the Christmas tree’s lights.

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