Mo’ Adventures, or, Why We Now Live In A High-Security Tract

High Security Needed

Here you see two kitties very excited that I’ve taken down the net protecting the now-dead tomato plants so they can climb in and look out the right side over the street.

If you flip through the photos in the Outdoors category, you’ll see that up to now, we had full-height net on the sides of the balcony but only up to the railing in the front. The roof slopes down on either side, and that’s very tempting, so we added a bit of extra netting because Jenny managed to climb around the net to get onto the roof.

We didn’t let Mo out unsupervised at first, of course, nor Meg; we had to keep an eye on Mo, as she’d climb up the chair on the left side of the balcony and put her paws up on the top of the rail. We tried yelling at her, but she couldn’t hear us. We tried a spray bottle, but she thinks that’s kind of fun. We moved the chair way back from the railing and called it good.

Months later, I took down the tomato netting. Turned my back for a few seconds, turned back around, and there was Mo climbing from the tomato plant pot over the railing with only two fluffy feet and one fluffy tail left on this side. I don’t think I’ve moved so fast in years, and I think it sounded something like this: “Waaaaaughrle!” We’re on the third floor! I don’t know where she thinks she was going!

So Mo went back on full supervision and we made plans to put up full netting as soon as I was recovered a bit more from my surgery. It means no more Mo pics with pristine blue skies in the background, but I’m happy to pay that price.

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